Vlingo Voice Search Released For iPhone

It looks like Google’s search app might be getting a little competition. Vlingo, a new voice-powered search application was just released into the App Store. The app has been available for RIM phones for some time, but has now been ported to the iPhone. Like the Google app, it can recognize spoken English words (and works best with an American accent ). Unlike Google’s app, however, it can search both Google and Yahoo engines.

It does have a few drawbacks, though. It’s interface isn’t quite as polished as the Google Mobile app. With Google’s app, you just have to open the app, raise the phone to your ear and wait for the beep. Vlingo’s app makes you open the app, speak, and then go back to the app to press a button to send the voice command.

That said, it can also turn your spoken words into a Twitter post or Facebook status post, something the Google app can’t do.

“The iPhone offers an innovative multitouch user interface that is fundamentally transforming the wireless industry,” said Dave Grannan, CEO of Vlingo, in a statement. “We’re proud to debut our breakthrough voice-recognition technology on iPhone, taking simplicity one step further by reducing much of the reliance on typing, making mobile data and applications easier to find and use.”

Vlingo can be downloaded for free in the App Store.

[via Informaiton Week]

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