Video: Japanese Text Entry System In Action

TokyoMango has posted a video demonstrating the new Japanese language input system for the upcoming 2.0 software that Steve mentioned at the keynote. It appears from the video that it’s running in the iPhone SDK simulator. Video after the break.

TokyoMango notes:

  • You can choose from two kinds of keyboards—the standard QWERTY keyboard and a Japanese cell phone-style keypad.
  • Fully implemented predictive text.
  • The ability to write a character on-screen and have it instantly recognized is not Japan-ready…yet.
  • Option to chose between multi-tap kana keyboard or sliding keyboard. Japanese kana letters are organized in groups of five according to a beginning letter and corresponding vowels (a, i, u, e, o) and tap that key from 1 to 5 times get the right sound, or you can put the first letter in and then tap and slide through to see all five sounds and pick the right one.

[via TokyoMango]

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