Video Explains Why People Waited in Line for iPhone 5, ft. “Occupy Apple”

Lines began to wrap around Apple’s flagship New York City Fifth Avenue store a week before iPhone 5 was even released. Line-standers explain why they decided to get in line. Whether their reasoning is to feel like a celebrity for a few days, to be the first (in New York at least…) to have Apple’s latest, or to jump aboard the Apple press train with a completely clueless idea of what to even expect out of iPhone 5.

Stemming from Occupy Wall Street, the ridiculous Occupy Apple makes an appearance in-line – with a weak argument as to why an iPhone 5 upgrade is not absolutely necessary. Leave Apple out of this as a better question is proposed: why shouldn’t the upgrade to iPhone 5 be essential to Apple fanatics? Ok, ok, we concur but to get political yet again today – iPhone 5 is actually expected to boost the state of the economy.

Hey, it’s almost like you waited on line by watching this; this provides more than enough of the experience. Leave the rest to your imagination, where you can stay dry, well-rested, and not have to worry about the weather.

As a sort-of follow-up to our post on Fox New’s humorous, numbingly-misinformed iPhone 5 report, keep the Tuesday laughs going:

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