Verizon Re-Extends Invitation to Apple to Act as iPhone Carrier

Wireless carrier Verizon today reported mixed results for its summer quarter and reiterated its invitation to Apple to allow the company to act as a wireless carrier. Per Electronista, the carrier said its operating revenue grew year-over-year by more than 10% to $27.3 billion but that its actual earnings per shared dropped a sharp 30.5% from 59 cents per share a year ago to 41 cents today, or $2.88 billion. Most of the growth came about from added cellphone and FiOS customers.

During the conference call to discuss the quarter’s results, Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg reiterated his company’s position on the Apple device. While he explained that the decision is “exclusively in Apple’s court” as to whether or not it wants to make a Verizon iPhone, he expressed a desire Apple would “hopefully” sign on as part of a move to broaden Verizon’s phone catalog.

The remarks act as a sharp contrast to Verizon’s Motorola Droid ad campaign, which has directly criticized Apple for its closed, single-tasking platform and promoted the imminent Android phone as a direct challenger to the iPhone. Some have interpreted the ad campaign as a sign of a more permanent rift between Verizon and Apple, although Verizon has been known to quickly switch allegiances and has timed its BlackBerry Storm2 launch to occur the same day as the Droid’s unveiling, guaranteeing little attention for the once heavily publicized original Storm.

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