Verizon Joining in on iPhone Discounting?

Earlier I posted an article on two iPhone retailers discounting their iPhones reasonably as a possible act of anticipation for the iPhone 5: Target and RadioShack had discounted all models of the iPhone by $50 and $30, respectively. I also mentioned that both AT&T and Verizon were still offering it at its normal price, meaning the aforementioned retailers were the only ones doing the promotion/act of anticipation. Now, I’ve received word from one of our readers letting me know he received an iPhone from Verizon for the discounted price.

If Verizon is now offering the iPhone for this lower price, of course, then it obviously confirms that iPhone sellers and carriers are both gearing up for the launch of the iPhone 5 – a possible October or September release, with the latter being the more favored one by this news.

If you’re by any chance going to be ordering a new iPhone anytime soon, preferably a 16GB version from Verizon, please take the time to let us know whether or not you got it at the discounted price of $169.99. Verizon Wireless currently still shows its regular $199.99 price tag, which is odd considering one of our readers specifically said he got one for the discounted price (link to Verizon):

“I just ordered an iPhone 4 from Verizon. They were quick to give me the $169.99 price even though I wasn’t eligible for the ‘new every two’ credit. Is Big Red clearing out their 4′s as well?”

So, again, please let us know below. This is all based on one readers words and is not yet confirmed.