Valentine’s Day iOS App Essentials

Valentine’s Day 2012 is getting closer and closer so what better way than to celebrate with an iOS device? As always, there are multiple applications to aid in preparing for your special day, and we’ve got our personal favorites below.


Cards (Free)

Cards are the perfect way to show your appreciation for someone, especially family members. Apple have provided an intuitive way of doing so, which is a free download on the App Store. Their official application that was introduced with the release of iOS 5 last year, Cards, allows you to easily pick one of the 21 included designs, enter your personal message and then send to your contacts with the integrated contact lookup. Except, rather than an eCard, Cards allows you to send personalized, authentic 100% real beautiful cards to real addresses. Postage will run you a bit, and you may be too late sending a card through USPS now in order for it to arrive promptly on the 14th, but it is the thought that counts, right?

Sincerely Ink Cards (Free)

If you aren’t quite piqued by the idea of paying for postage or let alone mailing a real card to your treasured ones, this application holds the key to your happiness. If you want to keep your Valentine greetings simple, Sincerely Ink Cards allows you to choose from a ton of included designs and tweak it to tickle your fancy: you can change the design’s color, add your own text, add photos that can be edited prior to and more. The user interface is easily navigable, and it’s absolutely free – what else can you ask for?

Waze (Free)

Even though GPS applications may seem like they’re not even slightly related to Valentine’s Day, Waze is the exception. When you’re headed to any restaurant, Waze is the absolute perfect way to navigate using your iOS device. It’s free, and it’s completely social meaning that no road hazards will hinder your travel time, for example if you had a strict restriction at a fancy restaurant – undoubtedly, you don’t want to get stuck behind a large car accident, which can easily be avoided with the use of Waze, which allows users to pinpoint any hazards that they encounter for others to see. Plus, it’s the perfect solution for your navigation necessities at other times as well.

Lovey ($0.99)

The last thing you want to happen come February 14th is to feel distant from your partner. This next application helps you keep track of your love life, if you will. After adding the details of your partner, you’ll receive helpful advice on your relationship dependent on the info your input, and you’ll have a love meter displayed to show you how close you and your partner are. Whether it’s a girlfriend, boyfriend spouse or other, Lovey is the perfect application among other similar applications.

Hello Vino – Wine Recommendations (Free)

Without doubt, Valentine’s Day is one of the most ideal occasions to open a new, fresh bottle of wine in light of. But which one should you open? Hello Vino recommends a variety of wines depending on what kind of situation you’ll be drinking at/for. For an occasion, during a meal, wine sorted by taste preference, wine by country of origin: all categories that Vino splits up wines into. The application is packed with features that would seem optimum for someone who doesn’t know much about wines. It’s got reviews of wines, recommendations based on holidays and even an integrated database that recognizes wine labels solely from a picture thereon giving you that specific bottle’s perks.

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