Ustream Viewing Application Released Just In Time For Inauguration Day

When UStream announced last week that they were planning to stream today’s presidential inauguration ceremony live on their iPhone application for viewing UStream streams, we were a little skeptical that their app would get through Apple’s notoriously and unpredictably lengthy approval process in time. When we saw that yesterday, the day before it was to take place, the app still hadn’t been approved, we were… very skeptical. Now, however, literally just in time, the app has been made available for download.

App description:
A live and recorded video viewing application with interactive chat functionality. The application allows users to login with their Ustream account, view both live Ustream broadcasts and recorded video, and see upcoming Ustream broadcast events. In the application’s live section, sers can see both featured (selected by Ustream) and top (based on the number of viewers) broadcasts, and search for live broadcasts. Broadcasts with a chatroom will display chat messages from viewers, and allow the mobile application user to send chat messages to the chatroom via the phone.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation)

You can grab it in the App Store for free.

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