Users Still Reporting Touchscreen Dead Spots

iPhone owners have been reporting problems with parts of their screen loosing it’s touch sensitivity since the iPhone was launched. Early-on it was hoped that these incidences were largely isolated, and that it was simply a bad batch of components. Unfortunately it still seems to be a widespread issue, and complaints are still rolling in from both new and long-time owners, some who’s warranty has already expired.

One unfortunate user writes:

“I have this dead spot about 3/4? up the screen of my first gen iphone. I went to the apple store today and they were not help, since my phone is about 30 days over warranty.”

Another writes:

“I purchased an iPhone 2G back in July, 2007. 20 days past the 1-year anniversary, the bottom of my touchscreen stopped responding with the Virtual Keyboard. The proximity touch feature allows selection of the various buttons that float across the bottom, but with the keyboard in vertical position, you can’t shift, use the number keys, or space bar, etc. The bad news is that Apple wants $219.00 to have the phone repaired. Full price for a phone initially, making this an $800 toy at this point.”

If the problem is truly due to a hardware problem, then repairs will be necessary to fix it, and if it’s out of warranty, you’ll have to pay for it yourself. There is a chance that it’s a problem with the software though, so there are a few things you can try first:

  • Reset your iPhone: Sometimes the dead spots are related to frozen applications or the software interface. Pressing and holding the sleep/wake button and the home button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Clean the screen: Hey, there might just be a layer of something on the screen that’s causing the problem. Clean it off with a cleaning cloth.
  • Restore your iPhone
  • Restore your iPhone: This is a last resort, but it’s better to try this first than jump straight to hardware. Restoring will make sure that it isn’t an underlying software issue that’s causing the problem. To restore the iPhone, connect it to iTunes and click the restore button on the Summary tab in. This will also erase all of your information, so you’ll want to make sure to sync first and create a backup if you haven’t already.

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