User Suing Apple For iPhone 3G Flakiness

Some users have been experiencing some problems with the 3G on their iPhone 3G, and one new owner has decided to try to get her money’s worth. A women in Alabama by the name of Jessica Alena Smith has filed a lawsuit against Apple for selling her a device that didn’t meet all the hype in the advertisements.

Smith purchased the device in response to Apple’s very convincing advertising. “One could barely turn on the television without hearing that the new iPhone 3G was ‘twice as fast for half the price,’” reads the complaint. However, from day one her device’s data connection, e-mail, SMS, and other communications were slower than she had expected them to be. This is particularly unusual given that her home area of Birmingham, Alabama has comparatively excellent 3G coverage compared to other locations in the US.

Of course, she’s far from alone in her frustration. As you might remember, several users have been reporting issues with 3G coverage, and still others are reporting issues with the latest software update.

She knows she’s not alone, too. That’s why she is asking that her case be approved as a class-action case, and request that Apple be ordered to repair all of the “defective” devices, as well as pay unspecified damages, pre- and post-judgment interest on monetary relief, and attorney’s fees.

[via Ars Technica]

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