Uno is a well loved card game that I’m sure everyone here has heard of. Ah, but did you know you could find it in the iTunes Store? Gameloft has turned a classic family game into a gorgeous app with intuitive controls. The goal is simple: get rid of all your cards and try to prevent your opponents from doing the same.

When you open the program, even before the title screen shows, you will encounter a friendly little page that asks you if you’d like to listen to your OWN music or the game soundtrack. This really is not as much of a big deal as it is a convenient and thoughtful detail. Once you get to the title screen, you’re then asked to make a profile for yourself. This consists of entering your name, choosing what color you’d like your icon to be, and what tiny image you would like to be in the foreground (ie. iPod, submarine, girl, boy, etc…). Another great thing about this game app, is that you’re allowed to make more then just one profile. In fact, you can make up to five!

Once you’ve finished up with that, you’re given the option to do Quick Play, Single Player, or Multiplayer. Quick Play is good for just a fast game at the bus stop where you don’t have to commit to a certain number of games. By playing Single Player, you’re able to play against the computer and win points. The more games you win in this mode, the more various prizes you can win. Prices like pretty backgrounds, more profile icons, and tile pieces that will allow you to unlock even more items once you’ve collected them all!

Multiplayer is probably the mode I use the most often. Select it and you can then play against 1 to 3 other friends of your choice. To make sure no one else sees your cards, you have to pass the device around. When you’re finished with your move it automatically hides everyone’s cards and asks the next person to touch the screen to take their turn. It’s a pity it has to be played hand-to-hand like that, but I don’t see any other way it could be done without seeing everyone’s cards. I would love to see it possible to just plop the device in the middle of the table and have everyone sit accordingly.

As far as the controls for playing go, they’re as smooth as butter and much more fun (unless you really like butter). To start off, all the cards will be shrunk down so you can see what is happening. When you turn comes you simply touch your cards and they’ll automatically zoom in and fan out. You can then swipe your finger back and forth to flip through them. Once you decide on what card to play, you can “throw” it onto the pile by quickly sliding your finger towards the center pile. Another way to place you card is to double tap the card you’ve selected, but who wants to do that when you can be all fancy and just swipe?

Graphically this game is gorgeous. Bright colors and crisp, clean goodness greets your eye the second you open it and refuses to back down until you’re finished. Some may think the price is a little bit steep, but when you think about it, buying the card game from the store can cost anywheres from $5 to $10. So why don’t you say you’re paying $4 for the actual game and $1.99 for pretty colors, extra features, impressive controls, and portability. Doesn’t seem so bad now, does it? If you hurry you can even grab it for a dollar less while the sale is still going on!

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