‘Undercover’ 1.5 Tricks iPhone Thieves With Push Notifications

Undercover for iPhone, Orbicule’s app for recovering stolen iPhones and iPod touches, has been updated to now utilize push notifications to trick thieves into telling you where they have your iPhone. All savvy internet-goers these days are familiar with the classic phishing scam where a scammer will trick you into giving them sensitive information by pretending to be an organization you trust like a bank or credit card company. Undercover 1.5 lets you use this same principle to trick thieves into disclosing where they and your stolen iPhone are located.

For Undercover to work, you have to trick the thief into launching the application themselves so it can activate and beam the location of the device to you and any police officers you designate. With Undercover 1.0, its only method was to disguise itself as a game with the hope that the thief would eventually launch it.

With Undercover 1.5, you can tell Orbicule to push a notification to your iPhone disguised as a notification from something like your bank account. If the notification is opened, the app launches, and the thief’s location is revealed.

It’s not perfect, but it couldn’t hurt.

[via Macworld]

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