Twitterrific Updated To 1.1, New Features Added, Bugs Squashed

Iconfactory released Twitterrific for iPhone v1.1 today, bringing with it a whole host of new features and bug fixes. Many of the added features address shortcomings and quirks found in the first version. Of note, the camera icon now asks whether you want to take a photo or select from your cameral roll and photos taken are saved to your iPhone before they’re uploaded. Scrolling has been significantly sped up and many memory leaks have been plugged. Additionally, your scroll position doesn’t change when exiting or refreshing the application. Read on for a full list of changes!

New Features

  • Tapping on the camera icon will now prompt to take a photo directly or use the camera roll (instead of using a setting.)
  • Photos taken in Twitterrific are saved to the camera roll before being sent to TwitPic.
  • When refreshing, the maximum number of tweets downloaded from people you follow was raised from 20 to 100.
  • Added image cache for avatars to reduce the amount of activity on the (possibly slow) network.
  • Added a new "everyone" setting that loads the latest public timeline from Twitter.
  • Added settings to control the contents of the timeline. Recent tweets, replies and direct messages can be turned on or off.
  • Added a "Use Location" setting which enables all the Core Location features. Location features are disabled after tapping on "Don't Allow" four times or by changing this setting.
  • Tapping on the location icon will prompt to add a Maps link to the tweet or update your location on Twitter.
  • Improved location accuracy and tracking.
  • Twitter location is now updated using city and state rather than geographic coordinates.
  • Tweets with #hashtags are now linked to
  • Scroll positions are now preseved when refreshing and launching.
  • Tapping on the status bar in the detail view now goes to the most recent tweet.
  • All communication with Twitter's servers is now protected with secure connections (HTTPS.)
  • Added "in reply to" id when replying to a message, allowing Twitter to display a more accurate link.

Bug Fixes

  • Scrolling in both the list and detail views is much faster.
  • Faster startup times and switching between list and detail view.
  • Fixed image rotation with photos uploaded toTwitPic.
  • iTunes/App Store, Maps and YouTube links are now handled correctly in mini-browser.
  • Fixed problem with favorite star not appearing after the button was pressed.
  • Fixed problem where + in a tweet would turn into a space character after being posted.
  • Contents of text field for posting is saved at quit so a phone call won't clear a tweet in progress.
  • Tapping the status bar goes directly to the tweet without jerky animation.
  • Tapping the "Setup" button after a login alert now takes you to the configuration view instead of doing nothing.
  • Fixed Safari button in mini-browser so it will open the URL before the load of the page finishes.
  • The status bar is now shown in gray when using the light theme in the Premium version.
  • Screen name linking was updated so it behaves correctly when used in a query string.
  • Added version number on credits screen (shown after tapping on bird in settings.)
  • Removed reference to 70 requests per hour from the "bad request" error message.
  • Added a hack that prevents Maps from displaying links off the west coast of Africa (at lat=0.0, long=0.0)
  • Fixed a problem where incorrect tweet would appear momentarily at startup.
  • Made the default for screen_name links.
  • Changing the detail view will cause the main list to reposition even after a quit.
  • Fixed problems with scroll location and selection when tweets at end of timeline are deleted.
  • Fixed a scroll location problem when ad was first tweet in view and the ad was moved up in the timeline.
  • Fixed a crashing bug after pressing the refresh button.
  • Fixed a crashing bug when displaying an ad.
  • Fixed a crashing bug when posting a message and changing message type.
  • Fixed a crashing bug when the selected tweet was removed from the timeline.
  • Added code to cleanup memory more effectively, leading to better overall performance.
  • Fixed some small memory leaks.

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