Tweetie 1.3 Rejected From App Store For Twitter Users’ Foul Language [Update: Approved]

Apple’s App Store approval policies have been strange in the past, but this is bordering on the idiotic. It was reported earlier today that Tweetie 1.3, an update to the Twitter client of choice for the iPhone Alley staff, was rejected from the App Store earlier today. The grounds? Displaying “offensive language” in the Twitter trends search view.

Just in case you’re not familiar, the content in the Twitter trends search view is not actually a part of the app itself. It displays messages posted by users on the web. If Apple were to apply this logic to all of their apps, then they could potentially find grounds to reject all Twitter clients, as all of them have the ability to display “offensive language”. Safari and Mail could be rejected as well, as they also have the ability to display ‘dirty words’.

Here is the word that got Tweetie 1.3 banned. Click the image to see the uncensored version:

Apple is missing more than they’re hitting with their approval process, making us wonder how much longer they’re going to keep it up. It certainly doesn’t make any sense to us why Apple thinks the task of policing content should fall to what is a browser of content generated by other people on a social network.

All of us hope to see this verdict turned around quickly, but Apple’s history in situations like these doesn’t offer us much optimism.

Update: Apple has approved Tweetie v3.1. From what we understand, the developer was able to simply re-submit the app and Apple let it through. It’s good to know there’s still hope for the App Store.

[Twitter via The iPhone Blog]

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