Trism Rakes In $250,000 In Two Months

A lot of people have done a lot of talking about how profitable the App Store has the potential to be, and here’s a great example of what they were talking about. Trism is a popular puzzle game for the iPhone. It’s managed to maintain that popularity for most of the two short months it’s been at the App Store at a download price of $5. In doing so it generated $250,000 for it’s developer.

If we were talking about a large developing company, then $250k probably wouldn’t seem like all that much. But Trism was developed by one man by the name of Steve Demeter, and in doing so, created $250k in two months. To put that into perspective, if the app were able to continue to sell at the rate it is now for a whole year, he’d make well over a million dollars from the App Store. That’s probably not going to happen since there are only so many people who can buy the app, but you get the idea.

It also puts into perspective why someone like Podcaster’s developer Alex S would be so upset about his app getting rejected even though it stayed within their rules. A lot of developers are getting the idea that the approval process isn’t very fair, but if you’re the one making $250k, you’re probably not too disappointed.

[Twitter via Rhonabwy (blog of Joe Heck)]

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