Transform Your iPad Into a Full-Blown Netbook With Trackpad

I have got to admit that this is one of the sleekest “keyboard cases,” a case that features a built-in keyboard that connects to the tablet via Bluetooth, announced for the iPad 2 yet. However, where the Crux Loaded by CruxCase really scores extra points is for the inclusion of a presumably multi-touch trackpad. Though I am going to guess that “jailbroken” software is required for the trackpad to work, a trackpad should improve the typing experience since it mirrors much of the screen’s functionality, getting rid of the need for a user to constantly have to touch the screen.

As if the iPad’s battery life wasn’t good enough, Crux Loaded packs in a battery that they claim provides enough power for an additional seven and a half hours of usage.

Crux Loaded is pictured in CruxCase’s mock-up with an iPad 2 that is running a remote desktop application. According to the company, it is designed to work well with such apps.

The case ships this Fall at the potentially deal-breaking price of $249. If you are so inclined to secure one from the first production run, it is available for pre-order now on CruxCase’s site. It sounds good besides the price, which practically puts the case in competition with netbook pricing.