Today’s Holiday-Themed App: Elf Command

As you’ve probably already noticed, it’s “holiday-themed” app season, which means tons of new apps featuring Santa and candy canes are popping up all over the place. But unlike last year’s glut of cheap and frankly stupid apps, this year’s set of holiday apps actually look good! So to celebrate, we’ve decided to feature some of the best holiday apps.

So to kick off our holiday apps feature, I have a freebie for you: The game is Elf Command [App Store] and it’s absolutely wonderful. The premise is that it’s rush-hour in Santa’s workshop and it’s your job to help the robotic elves sort the presents for delivery. If you’re familiar with games like Flight Control, Elf Control is very similar except instead of airplanes, it’s adorable, robotic elves.

Video below!



There isn’t much else to say about Elf Command except that it’s simply wonderful. The graphics rock and the gameplay is easy to get down. I love it. We’re not sure why Retro Dreamer has decided to give this gem away, but nevertheless, it’s free and available now. Go get it! [App Store]

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