Today’s Holiday-Themed App: Christmas With Weezer [Plus Music Courtesy of Lala]

As some of you may know, I have a disease which causes me to like everything Weezer does, so today’s holiday app shouldn’t surprise you. The app is Christmas With Weezer [App Store, $4.99], and it’s a special version of Tap Tap Revenge just for the holidays. The game features six classic holiday tracks recorded by Weezer, made just for the app. If you’re bored of the same old holiday songs, Weezer’s take on the classics will surely put you in the mood. The app also includes two bonus tracks—”Pork and Beans” and “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived.”

The holiday tracks are also available as a stand-alone album, so I decided to embed them below using Weezer fanboyism aside, it’s worth remembering that the game is 100% Tap Tap Revenge. It’s tons of fun and looks amazing. I highly recommend it!


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