TIM iPhone 3G Plans Leaked?

Earlier this week, TIM announced the pricing for their iPhone 3G handsets, but for whatever reason did not disclose pricing for contracts. An Italian website now claims to have found a leaked internal memo detailing Telecom Italia’s plans for iPhone 3G contract pricing.

The memo, allegedly sent to sales managers at TIM, say that there will be four contracts available for the iPhone 3G:

  • the Starter, which will charge a flat rate of €29 per month with no voice or SMS messages included, and instead charges 15 cents per minute or text
  • the Tim 250, which costs €49 and includes 250 minutes and 100 SMS
  • the TIM 600 at €79 for 600 minutes and 200 SMS
  • the TIM 900 at €79 for 900 minutes and 900 texts which are divided up as 700 to any carrier and 200 to 3 Italia subscribers
  • Unlimited” will cost €199 and offers 5,000 general minutes with 500 to 3 Italia customers, plus 1,200 SMS (300 to 3 Italia subscribers), and 50 incoming and 50 outgoing roaming minutes
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Controversially, all of the plans only come with 1GB of data per month, except the Unlimited plan, which comes with 5GB. Sources suggest that this may be increased for €15/mo for an additional 1GB of data. They are all expected to include Wi-Fi TIM hotspots.

Prices of the iPhone 3G units will vary greatly based on the plan users sign up for. For Starter users, the iPhone 3G will be €199/$E269. TIM 250 users will pay €189/€259. TIM 600 users pay €149/€219. TIM 900 subscribers pay €99/€169, and Unlimited users can get a free 8GB or pay €69 for a 16GB.

Final details should be announced in the middle of next week.

[via MacNN]

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