Tim Cook Shatters Hopes of Larger iPhone Screen

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: the next iPhone will have a larger screen.  We’ve heard that too, and we can now say it’s okay to forget about it. No less a man than Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has dashed the hopes of those seeking a bigger screen for what’s already a perfect device.

Even though there were rumblings throughout the iPhone fan kingdom of a 4.8-inch screen, that tree can be considered chopped down. Cook said yesterday that the iPhone already has the “right” sized screen.

“The iPhone 5 offers a new Retina Display and is the most advanced display in the industry,” Cook said, supporting his belief that–like famed children’s television host Mr. Rogers if he were alive–today–he likes the iPhone just the way it is.

The subject arose when an analyst asked Cook if Apple had plans to keep up with the proverbial Joneses in the screen size race.

While what Cook said is in no way etched in stone–Apple has changed its mind when it comes to screen size before–it is indeed telling that Cook is so confident in what is arguably the most popular fruit on Apple’s tree that he would be so firm about the matter.

Clearly, Apple is doing something right in the forest of smartphone wars, because their first-quarter earnings report was, overall, successful. Competing devices, however, are already boasting larger screen sizes; the Samsung’s Galaxy S 3–in a clear sign of overcompensation–already boasts the apparently coveted 4.8-inch size.

Surely iPhone fans will agree that size doesn’t matter, but features do.  In that vein, the iPhone is doing more than just fine, and hey…the size is just right.

Photo credit: Yanko Design

[via: ABC News]