Tim Cook Says No Cheap iPhones, Analyst Disagrees?

Despite Apple COO (and current CEO stand-in for Jobs) Tim Cook’s insistence that there was no entry level iPhone in Apple’s product pipeline, RBC analyst Mark Abramsky is continuing to insist that one is on the way. He defends his persisting prediction by arguing that an entry level iPhone would not necessarily have to be a crappy “iPhone Nano” as we’ve been hearing about, but could be the result of slightly more subtile cost reductions like no 3G access or GPS, a cheaper data plan at roughly $15/month with a usage cap, and a slightly lower quality camera.

Meanwhile, he predicts that the iPhone 3G as we know it would get some feature upgrades at the same time, like a better camera or video capabilities.

Personally, we’re guessing that when Tim Cook says ‘no entry level iPhone for you”, then that’s exactly what he means.

[via Silicon Alley Insider]

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