Three Great Titles Launch Today

Two releases I’ve been waiting for, and one coming out of the blue. Three developers have made a great impact on the app store today with their titles that all launched last night. Check them out below!

Samurai II: Vengeance

With its predecessor still very popular on the app store, the sequel was released by Madfinger Games with an all new experience. In the game, you play as a samurai as you battle enemies with a great control method. With a money system to upgrade combos, the game has proved to have some serious potential. You can get a universal version for $2.99.

I’ve been playing since this morning, and so far the fun level of the game has been very high on my scale. The retina enhanced graphics look great, and like always the regular artwork of everything is highly polished. So far, the game seems to have a great amount of depth and playing has become a hobby!

Angry Birds Halloween

This game without a squawk before the time of its release, has, in record time, already reached number one on the app store with the normal version just two spots behind. Now, that’s pretty astonishing if you ask me! As soon as I saw it on the app store, I hit the purchase button for it was only $0.99 and, being a major fan of the first, was extremely excited to start playing. The Halloween theme made obvious by the title is what puts this game apart from the original. Instead of birds killing regular old pigs, the birds can also smash pumpkin for extra points. The game’s got 45 brand new levels starting off easy and slowly progressing each with a murky background and great sense of spookiness!

I’m truly loving the game so far with its great theme, and all new levels for the cheap price. I can’t say how long the game will last me, because honestly I’m zipping through the levels, but it’s been a great experience so far. And what truly gets me jumping with this app’s release is that I truly know now that Rovio Mobile is only at the beginning of their long road of app store releases – well maybe not definitely but all we can do is hope, right?

Reckless Racing

This title has been at the top of my list for months now, and I was so relieved to see it on EA’s page this morning. Pixelbite and EA have brought a fun-packed top down racer to the iDevice with stunning quality. Though the graphics do seem a bit choppy every here and there, they are for the most part pretty nice. And anyways, the intricate textures and interactive environments in the game have had a positive impression from me.

The game has online multiplayer, so its not too original. However the only thing I’m worrying about here is the lack of content. But the game is priced accurately. ($2.99)