The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail is the spin-off version of one of the most classic “educational” computer games ever made. Fun for kids and adults alike, this game is a great way to whittle away time. Playing the game all the way through takes about 2-3 hours which makes it a perfect game to keep you entertained during those boring moments of your day. The point of the game is to make your way from St Louis westward via The Oregon Trail. Keep your family healthy, your food levels high, and maintain proper care of your wagon as you roll your way west in this historical game that’s set in the 1830′s.

You can name the members of your family, choose what your occupation is, and customize what wagon and what supplies you want. After choosing what month to make your departure, you’re ready to hit the road! The health of your family, as well as the condition of your wagon depends entirely on how quickly you drive your wagon. Go too fast and your wagon health in addition to your own will start to deteriorate after time. On the other hand, going too slow means eating more food and facing a dangerous and wintery last couple months of your 2,000 mile journey.

There are several other things you have to worry about on your trip besides your party’s health and the condition of your wagon. You also have to worry about certain animal attacks and accidents. However, this version adds a twist of humor to the horrors of the trail. The animation for getting mauled by a bear is actually pretty funny, not to mention the sassy little quips your characters throw back and forth at each other while they travel.

Unlike the Oregon Trail of old, this installment is absolutely LACED with minigames. In addition to hunting, you can also fish, pick berries, pan for gold or float down a river using your iPhone’s accelerometer, and even play a musical memory-type game. All these different activities help you gain food, skill, and/or extra coins. In the beginning you may feel disappointed that the games seem too easy, but never fear. As you progress in the game, things will steadily become more and more difficult. Even the simple minigames may take several tries to win towards the end.

One of the main things people complain about concerning this game is that it’s NOT like the original. This is totally true. The theme is just about the only thing this app has in common with the original game from the 80′s. However if you manage to get past that fact, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! The price may seem a bit steep for some people, but honestly you get a lot of bang for your buck. With beautiful cartoon graphics and impressive sound effects/music library, you can tell the production price must have been high.

Unfortunately all this awesome comes with a price. Before and after basically every single thing you do, you’re going to encounter somewhat painful loading screens.. The developers tried to make these screens less painful by showing your stats as well as a random fun factoid about The Oregon Trail. Even though the loading times seem to get slightly faster after the first time you’ve played, the fact remains: they last too long and happen too often.

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