The iCade Family Grows Yet Again

At this year’s CES 2012, we saw an expansion for the iCade with the introduction of three new spinoffs adding to the lineup. It came completely out of the blue, but today ThinkGeek, the marketers/creators of the initial iCade arcade cabinet, announced yet another member that will soon be a part of the family. Officially say hello to the iCade 8-bitty.

This new product simply lends itself to the retro era of gaming. Boasting a pair of A and B buttons, a control pad as well a two shoulder buttons, the iCade 8-bitty has about the same size size and layout of a NES-controller. This is what many people have been seeking, and it seems to live up to many people’s expectations.

Take a look at this picture; you may need to grab a tissue when you unknowingly drool all over your chin:

This new device is much smaller than its four predecessors (of which only one is currently available), and it’s also much more affordable ($25). the iCade 8-bitty connects to your iOS device, which includes the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, using bluetooth and is powered by two AAA batteries. It will support all of the applications that currently support the iCade cabinet

Once our emails get back up and running, which has been the case for quite awhile now (the grass has totally enveloped our feet at this point) you can expect that we’ll get in touch with our ThinkGeek contact to get our piggy fingers on a review sample of this new product that seems to have buckets of potential. If the grass isn’t cut too soon though, figuratively, I doubt I can resist the urge to purchase on of these beauties – $25 is too alluring of a price.

The iCade 8-bitty will launch later this year. You can signup to be notified of its release using the below link.