Telstra Joins Australian iPhone Wireless Carriers

On Monday, Australian wireless carrier Telstra confirmed report that it had joined the ranks of the Australian carriers which would provide service for the iPhone via its Next G broadband network. The company also announced sales of the upcoming iPhone 3G handset and will retail the unit for $279 AUD for an 8GB model and $399 for the 16GB model.

The company is currently offering a low end $30 AUD/month plan with a two year contract as well as a high-end plan in which customers can receive an 8GB iPhone 3G for free provided they opt for an $80 AUD/month plan or a 16GB iPhone 3G for free provided they choose a $100 AUD/month plan.

All subscriptions will offer free access to Telstra Wi-Fi hotspots

The carrier is not expected to launch the handset on July 11th, despite having made an announcement long after rivals Vodafone and Optus. It had been anticipated that Telstra will launch 11 days later, on July 22nd.

[Via MacNN]

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