T-Mobile Germany Demands Sipgate Cease Offering iPhone VoIP Software

We knew that phone carriers aren’t generally big fans of VoIP services in general, but T-Mobile Germany is taking it to the next level. Apparently they’ve decided that sipgate’s flagship VoIP software is encouraging their users to jailbreak their iPhones and use VoIP software to place calls, both which they say is against T-Mobile’s user contracts. The solution? T-Mobile has asked them to cease and desist offering their software entirely.

Now, we can understand how T-Mobile might be a little upset by this in that it does take away the need to call using their cell network, but they’re missing a few pretty obvious points. First of all, sipgate doesn’t ever use T-Mobile’s network. It only runs on Wi-Fi. Secondly, it’s not their fault that someone jailbreaks their iPhone just because they want to use that app. There are plenty of other apps worth jailbreaking over.

Sipgate Inc. CEO Thilo Salmon says he’s not going to take it hands down. He says he’s willing to take this all the way through their court system, adding that, “for the time being our users are safe.”

[via TUAW]

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