T-Mobile Confirms Rumors of Giving Away iPhones to Retain High-End Customers

On Friday, wireless carrier T-Mobile confirmed last month’s rumors that the operator was scouring Europe for contract-free Apple iPhones to offer as incentives for customers to stay with them.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Richard Moat, UK managing director of T-Mobile stated that T-Mobile had supplied iPhones “to a few hundred” high-value contract customers.

Reports suggest those customers who spend upwards of £70 a month on calls qualify for the free iPhone sourced from outside the UK.

Stories also claim that T-Mobile is offering up to a 150 iPhone handsets a week to customers who threaten to leave or demand a better deal. The carrier may be able to officiallyoffer the iPhone after October 9th if reports that competitor O2 will lose its exclusive iPhone contract prove to be true.

O2 has the rights to sell the device until 2012, but its period as exclusive seller is only for two years.

T-Mobile’s UK managing director told the Financial Times he has set a target for the mobile phone operator to become the third-largest mobile operator by 2011 or 2012. “I firmly believe we have been in fourth place for too long and we have to develop ambition to get away from there,” he said.

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