Sweet Deals: All Konami Games, Including Metal Gear Solid, Drop to $0.99

Yesterday Konami Digital Entertainment silently dropped prices on all of its iPhone titles to the ridiculously low price of $0.99. So if you’ve been curious about Metal Gear Solid Touch [App Store, $0.99] or DanceDance Revolution S [App Store, $0.99], now is the time to satisfy those curiosities. Other titles which saw price drops are Silent Hill The Escape [App Store, $0.99], Frogger [App Store, $0.99], DanceDanceRevolution S+ [App Store, $0.99], and Silent Scope [App Store, $0.99].

We’re not sure how long this deal is gonna last, so we recommend making your decisions soon! And of course at $0.99, you can’t go wrong with Metal Gear Solid Touch.

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