Suppliers Start to Ship 4″ Screens Possibly for Next-Generation iPhone?

After a somewhat lacking amount of additional features introduced in this year’s iteration of the iPhone, Apple left many things left to be desired; one of these things, is the supposed 4″ screen was among the list of other things that should have been in the iPhone 5. Japanese blog, Macotakara claims to have insider information saying that Hitachi Displays and Sony Mobile Display Corporation have started shipping these screens for a new iOS device.

It’s not quite betrayed which iOS device the screens are being shipped as regards for, but it’s highly likely that they could make their way onto next year’s iPhone – rumored to be called the iPhone 5. Since it’s not specified, we can resort to the previous discovery that Apple was looking into these screens for future iOS devices to confirm the claims by the JP blog.

“According to Asian source, Hitachi Displays, Ltd. and Sony Mobile Display Corporation started to ship 4-inch LCD for new iOS device and LCD for iPad 3. These 2 companies will be merged their business with Toshiba Mobile Display Co., Ltd., as “Japan Display” in 2012 spring.”

iOS devices, excluding the iPad of course, currently have 3.5″ screens, which many people argue to be the best size for such devices. I agree, as I could see multiple disadvantages with using a 4″ screen that covers the full front of an iOS device that include fragmentation across Apple’s devices, but it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to see in the future.

[Via Macotakara, picture via Engadget]