‘Super Stick(man) Golf’ Multiplayer Update

One of my favorite games till today, Super Stick Golf (My Review) will be receiving an update on the 12th, which will add multiplayer via Game Center to the already uber-perfect gameplay. Glowing perfect review for the game, tons of content and now this.

The update will serve as a side mode to the already included campaign mode where players can play on courses with 2-4 players to see which player can get their ball in first – basically, a twist on the main mode. The game already comes packed with content, but as an extra little gift to their fans, Noodlecake Studios has added 6 new courses, each with a considerable amount of holes to play on.

Sadly, life’s not fair and awesome things can never get too awesome due to their tendency to always be accompanied by a downfall; the name of the game will have to be changed to Super Stickman Golf (well say bye to the simplistic title!) because of a copyright on the word “Stick” by “Stick Sports” in the UK. Wow, I didn’t know you could copyright words now

For all of you potential buyers on the verge, the game will be on sale for $0.99 once the update comes out. To sum it up, from my review Super Stickman Golf is a definite must-buy:

a wholesome title that is my new overall favorite game. Compliments of the initial launch sale, the game sells for half off, for only $0.99. It’s a win, win situation. If you buy it now, you get a sick golfing game that sucks you up instantaneously. If you don’t buy it now, you get the same thing for $1.99. Either way you get the game.

Check out a teaser trailer showcasing the new mode:

Written by nkatti