Super Monkey Ball 2 Hits The App Store

Super Monkey Ball was, of course, one of the most popular games to be announced for the App Store back before the store was online. Unfortunately when it dropped, it was quickly disregarded due to poor control performance. Not willing to give up easily, SEGA has just announced that Super Monkey Ball 2 [App Store, $9.99] has just hit the App Store! The new version comes with 115 new tracks, WiFi multiplayer (no bluetooth?), improved graphics, the addition of mini-games, and improved controls.

Super Monkey Ball 2 weighs in at 74.7MB and our friends over at TouchArcade have found that maneuvering has been greatly improved. If you’re a fan of Aiai and the Monkey Ball crew, you should definitely give SMB2 a roll. Gameplay video follows below!

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