Super Crate Box Already Boasting First Content Update

As developer Vlambeer promised when they released their iOS port of their popular desktop predecessor, Super Crate Box, if the game reached 5,000,000 crates collected in total, they would add additional, iOS-exclusive content in the form of updates. That milestone was achieved in under one day, and the game, currently sitting at 16 million crates collected, will be updated with some pretty sweet content within the next few days.

I’m not sure if this is news that no one else knows, because I received it straight from Vlambeer’s co-owner/developer/awesome Rami Ismail, but the new content update is notable, to say the least. What’s included in version 1.1 of the game that we absolutely adored in our glowing review:

-Five new characters have been included each having new requirements to be unlocked
-A character select screen has been incorporated, which was a suggestion from the people playing the game
-The A/B controls can be switched to suit your fancy
-Controls have been tweaked to be even more responsive
-improved in-game camera to prevent your fingers from blocking the screen

Among the above new additions, Rami has also mentioned that Vlambeer will be doing a cameo with three other, iOS fully indie developers, one of which is with Semi Secret Software, developer of Canabalt for the iPhone. The cameo will include the main runner character from Canabalt, which will become an unlockable and usable character in Super Crate Box. More information regarding the two other cameos hasn’t been supplied, but I’m sure you’ll hear about that later.

The effulgent nature of Super Crate Box is reflective of the game’s alluring gameplay and artwork that both will draw any gamer in without fail. This update will undoubtedly augment the fulfilling gameplay experience that Super Crate Box currently already offers. Look forward to it come early next week, tomorrow at the very earliest.

As a reminder, below is our scores from Super Crate Box’s review as an indication for you to pick up the game, which is temporarily priced at $0.99. Vlambeer was kind enough to donate a few codes for us to giveaway so look for five chances at scoring this awesome game come this week’s edition of our weekly giveaway.

[easyreview title="Our Score" cat1title="Graphics" cat1detail="As beautiful as retro artwork can get." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Sound" cat2detail="Fast-paced chiptunes that go hand in hand with the retro artwork and with the speed of the gameplay" cat2rating="5" cat3title="Gameplay" cat3detail="The gameplay is varied and is amplified by the inclusion of multiple game modes, characters and weapons." cat3rating="5" cat4title="Controls" cat4detail="As I said before, these are the best set of controls I've encountered in an iOS game." cat4rating="5" summary="If the whole idea sounds like your cup of tea, act on it and purchase the game, you won't be disappointed."]