Study Finds Mobile-Formatted Sites A Pain To Use; We’re Not So Sure

Several big websites with complicated pages that are difficult to view on an iPhone’s small screen have begun creating mobile-sized web portals to make things easier for iPhone owners, but the compacted sites may be backfiring. A recent report from Keynote, a mobile internet solutions company, found that most iPhone users find most them more difficult to use than the full webpage.

Keynote held a survey of 75 iPhone owners to test the overall usability of the mobile versions of some prominent sites. Participants were asked to use several mobile sites to find an entertainment news story, reading an article, and searching for a story on a specific subject to email to a friend.

The study concluded that only 51% of participants were satisfied with Yahoo!, and just 64% with Fox News. Just 4% of the users clicked on ads shown on the mobile pages, and nearly 25% noticed them.

We’re not sure how accurate this study is since they don’t go in to if the sites are made specifically with the iPhone in mind, but mobile sites have a history of being not only compact but stripped-down in functionality. It’s also worth noting that ads aren’t often clicked on regardless of the device they’re shown through.

[via Ars Technica]

What do you think? Do you use mobile versions when browsing on your iPhone? What do you think of them?

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