Sprint Uses iPhone to Advertise Mobile Wi-Fi

Sprint has launched a campaign to promote its mobile Wi-Fi device, Overdrive, and they’re using the iPhone to help. The commercial features a hapless iPhone user, Steve, stuck with the slow and unreliable AT&T network, being helped out by a friend, Matt, who has an Overdrive (and an apple) in his pocket. As Matt takes a bite out of the apple, Steve is suddenly surfing on his iPhone much faster.

The Overdrive web page offers a convoluted way to purchase the Overdrive for $99, and seems intentionally vague on what the monthly pricing is for 4G speeds. Diving into the site, which was just short of signing up to buy an Overdrive, we found the data plan offers 5GB/month for $59.99, with overage charges of 5ยข/MB. That’s a lot of money to add to an existing iPhone plan just to speed up your iPhone surfing.

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