Something Big’s Planned for the 10th Apple Store Anniversary

Despite a string of doubt and criticism surrounding Apple’s launch of its first retail store ten years from this Thursday, the company continued with its investment. The nationwide stores went on to become a staple of Apple products, helping propel them to a greater success thanks to intuitive device demos and purchasing options. After the billion-dollar chance that Apple took with its stores and their ultimately important part of the company’s development, the tenth anniversary will not go overlooked. And signs are pointing to something big for it.

BGR‘s source let them know insider info regarding whatever is planned. About a dozen eclectic employees will work a night shift from Saturday to Sunday, with cell phones locked away (obviously to keep whatever’s going on secret and not spoiled by some guy in a fedora) under NDA.

Stores have already received some type of hardware, now stored away under lock-and-key, though it is unclear whether this is a product or not. Keeping up the air of secrecy, black curtains will be put in the windows of stores.

Whatever’s going on is big enough to require extensive training materials, downloaded in advance and inaccessible until Saturday afternoon. Finally, employees will be required to meet on Sunday. In potentially-related news, the online store is currently down.

Timing is a little off, considering how training and the majority of preparations are not until the weekend despite how Thursday is the actual tenth anniversary. However, it does not seem coincidental how close the dates are; this most likely will tie in with it. Previously rumored was an in-store celebration for the event. An early week product announcement or store revamp (time to work the “i” revolution on retail stores?), whatever it is, the extent of work and preparation sounds like it’s something to get excited about.