Snow Leopard Server To Offer Secure Enterprise Features For iPhone?

One of the WWDC 2009 sessions posted on Apple’s website is believed to reveal secure corporate email, contacts, calendar, and intranet web services for the iPhone and iPod touch in Apple’s upcoming OS X Snow Leopard Server software. While Apple’s Snow Leopard Server page mentions a Remote Access” feature, it only vaguely describes it as enabling “push notifications to mobile users outside your firewall” and a proxy service that gives “secure remote access to email, address book contacts, calendars, and select internal websites.”

The session mentions what appears to be the same feature, renamed as “The Mobile Access Server”, and fleshes out the details:

The Mobile Access Server provides a path through a corporate firewall for IMAP, SMTP, HTTP, and CalDAV without using VPN. Learn about the features of, and deployment tips for, this powerful new service in Snow Leopard Server.

We’ll spare you the messy details, but with everything it looks like Snow Leopard Server will be offering, it could prove to be a very cost-effective alternative to using a Microsoft Windows Server. Here’s the breakdown:

[via Apple Insider]

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