Smithsonian to Temporarily Host Steve Jobs Patent Exhibition

An announcement made on May 1st denotes that the Smithsonian will be hosting an exclusive exhibition for a limited time only. Highlighting the many patents of Steve Jobs, the exhibit will be titled “The Patents and Trademarks of Steve Jobs: Art and Technology that Changed the World.”

Undoubtedly Steve Jobs was a great visionary and was met with tons of sad reactions proceeding his unfortunate passing. To honor his inventions and revolutionary mind, the Smithsonian will be hosting an exhibition sporting patents, inventions and more for a limited time.

The exhibit, a display of 30 4-by-8-foot panels made to resemble iPhones, showcases more than 300 patents and trademarks granted to Jobs throughout this career. Each panel displays facsimiles of the front pages of 12 patents granted to Jobs, totaling 312 of the 317 he acquired in his lifetime. The traveling exhibit was designed and created by the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum in Alexandria, Va., where it was on display through February.

As both the above picture and the above excerpt show, the exhibit will resemble multiple iPhones line up in a row.

Along with patents and trademarks, the exhibition will also boast a display case showcasing Apple/Jobs’ greatest inventions as well as historic items related to Jobs. This case will house items including the 1985 Apple Macintosh computer, sound box, a 2005 NeXT monitor, microcomputer, keyboard and mouse and a 2010 Apple iPod. The iPhone, though not mentioned, will likely also be featured due to its significance in the former part of Jobs’ life.

The exhibition is scheduled to launch on in 6 days from now on May 11th at the Smithsonian’s S. Dillon Ripley Center in Washington, D.C. It will remain open until July 8th.

[Via MacTrast]