Sirius XM Coming To iPhone With New Accessory?

According to Satwaves, Sirius XM will be announcing a new accessory for the iPhone and iPod touch next week at an invite only press event in New York. The accessory will reportedly be used along side Sirius’ Sirius XM Premium Online app which will allow iPhone and iPod touch owners to receive satellite radio right on their devices.

Sources familiar with the situation are now confirming that Sirius XM will be unveiling the iPhone/iPod Touch accessory docks that I speculated about three months ago this Wednesday, August 26th. Sirius XM will be hosting a special invitation only media event in New York that day to show off their new products to be available this holiday season. The invitation reads: “View the new lineup of radios and accessories from Sirius XM for the home, office, vehicle and beyond.” Satwaves received a press invitation and will be covering the event live as permitted.

The new accessory, called a “SkyDock,” will reportedly use a car’s preexisting electrical system as a satellite radio antenna. Additionally, it might allow users without iPod integration in their cars to use the system with little or no setup.

Just yesterday, reported that the iPhone/iPod Touch accessory docks would be called “SkyDocks” and they provided a picture with that name inscribed on the accessory in the diagram. They are also reporting that Sirius XM will be unveiling a new FM modulation technology that will be replacing the cumbersome SureConnect system. The new FM modulation technology works off of the cars electrical system and will not require an external wire to the vehicle’s antenna as the SureConnect system did. This technology would make the new iPhone/iPod Touch accessory docks virtually plug and play — even in vehicles without iPod integration or an audio-in auxiliary jack. Other possibilities include dock enabled boomboxes and portable accessory kits with antenna headphones.

Illustration of the new iPhone/iPod touch accessory

[via MacRumors]

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