Siri Aids Tremendously in the Creation of a Relevant Ringtone

One of our readers pointed out his own video just the other day showing us the process of creating quite a catchy ringtone. The significance? Starring in the audio of the tone is none other than the virtual assistant that made her (its?) appearance with the introduction of the iPhone 4S: Siri.

I really didn’t think that Siri could do much but getting creative really pays off sometimes. You can add creating a ringtone to the list of available functionality that you can squeeze out of Apple’s creation that’s currently in beta.

The below video shows the whole process of creating the ringtone. Starting with Siri repeating a note that had already been composed, she dictates lyrics into Mr. Mike’s high-tech sound equipment. After doing some magic and adding a really nice beat to the background, the ringtone is finished. Though it is quite long for a ringtone, it’s pretty catchy and would make a killer mp3 to sync to your device. If that’s what you want, you can pick up the song here from iTunes.

Check out the video. It’s a bit lengthy, but it’s all worth it:

I am wondering how exactly Mr. Mike got Siri to read off a note. We think it’s a jailbreak tweak, but I know that you can make her repeat certain things with the following demand:


To make it easier, you can say anything to Siri and then click on that recognized speech bubble. Then you can type in your command or desired text to be repeated. Boom – two posts in one: a capability of Siri transformed into a wicked cool ringtone as well as an informative tip for iPhone 4S noobs.