Simply Swipe It Announces New iPhone Payment System

Simply Swipe It has announced an upcoming iPhone payment system consisting of their own app called Swipe It and the Macally QuickSwipe card reader accessory. The app, which serves as the system’s software interface on the device, will support payment through both EPay and, and other existing merchant accounts. It also pulls contact information directly from the iPhone’s Contacts for speedier processing, as well as the option to email a receipt to the customer.

The QuickSwipe hardware serves as the hardware interface between the iPhone or iPod touch and the card, and reads and decodes the card’s magnetic strip. It features a flexible spring-loaded arm that clamps the reader tight to the iPhone or iPod touch, allowing it to fit snugly to any current or previous models.

No pricing or release dates were announced, but merchants seeking to participate can contact them to be granted access to their limited beta program.

[via iPodNN]

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