Sid Meier’s Pirates Released for the iPad as a Full Port of the PC Game

When Sid Meier’s Pirates! was originally released at the end of 2004 for the PC, it was met with a universally-positive acclaim and earned a place on some critics’ lists of the year’s best games. Players were enthralled with the caribbean adventures riddled with mini-games and a surprising depth.Pirates went on to be ported to the original Xbox, PSP, Mac, and most recently the Wii just a few months ago. Now, the same game is available on iPad in its full landlubber-loathing glory.

After the protagonist’s family is enslaved for being too endowed in debt, the player-named character embraces a life of piracy. Players begin by choosing which fleet to join following options that fine-tune the experience, then embark on an adventure lasting hours on both land and sea.

Gameplay takes place in an open-world environment, compromised of exploration and a plethora of mini games. These include ship battles, sword fights, and even dancing. Text-based conversations with other pirates and prestigious figures move the nonlinear story along.

Developer 2K Games focused on bringing the PC game in its entirety to the iPad for fans of the series to re-experience as they had remembered and newcomers to try. Touch controls adapt to each mini game, providing a sense of additional variety and that time was spent to make sure that the game was optimized for the iPad in as extensive a way as possible while still being faithful to its original adaptation.

The original iPad can run Pirates without difficulty while the Xbox version had suffered from frame-rate issues. iPad 2 users are in for superior graphics with enhanced, extra effects as well as a bonus pirate transformation feature thrown in to take advantage of the camera so you can see what you would like on the Seven Seas.

Pirates is one of the App Store’s deepest, most thrilling games. The fact that it was on a number of last-generation gaming platforms only makes the iPad app more impressive. It will be on sale for $3.99 until July 25, making giving it a download a no-brainer. Arrrrwards, the price will remain at $6.99. This one is worth the coins for “gameplay riches,” buccaneer.

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