Sekai Camera Gives Info Based On What Your iPhone’s Camera Sees [Update: Probably Fake]

A Japanese company called Tonchidot has developed an iPhone application which provides information based on what it sees through your iPhone’s camera. Sekai Camera can identify real-world items which have been tagged and display any useful information as a overlay on top of the item. Good examples include showing menus at restaurants, pointing out specials on various items in a grocery store, or providing reviews for places or products. The possibilities with such a concept are extremely vast. Check it out in action below:

Sekai Camera has two modes — one for identifying items and places via the video overlays, and one for tagging with text, images, and audio. There’s currently no set release date, and its likely to be for hacked iPhones only.

Update: After talking with various people, we’ve concluded that this is probably fake.

[via Gizmodo]

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