Search Web With Your Voice With Dragon Search, Dragon Dictation Updated

Nuance impressed us with their Dragon speech to text dictation app for the iPhone, and since then they have been busy. Recently they released an update to Dragon to work on the iPod touch line, as well as a new Dragon search application that lets you search several of the popular search engines using your voice with a unique, very intuitive interface.

The new Dragon Dictation app [App Store, free] now will work either the iPhone or iPod touch, although the iPod touch will need a microphone connected to it to work, obviously. The update also fixes a problem that was causing concerns with the original release. In the first version of the app, it uploaded names from the contact list to their online servers to help them more easily convert them into text when you said them. Even though it didn’t pull their information, it was creating controversy, so the update now lets you chose if you want to let them do it or not.

Their second app, Dragon Search [App Store, Free] combines the speech-to-text dictation of Dragon Dictation with an app that puts the search results and a control to pick the search engine on the same page. Google may have beaten them to making a voice web search app, but the Dragon Search has a much simpler interface that makes getting the info you want way faster than Google’s app, start to finish.

Plus it’s free, so what are you waiting for?

[via CNET]

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