Scrabble is an interactive word game that provides you with seven tiles and a board, allowing you to form words and gain points through bonuses and word combinations. You can play alone, face the computer on different difficulties, or even challenge users on Facebook or WiFi.

To those of you who have never played Scrabble, I have one word for you: Awesome. It’s a simple game of creating words from the letters given you, and it teaches ingenuity and creativity while allowing a real challenge.

The game includes some features that will help you out. Best Word gives you a suggestion with the available tiles you have, and can be used 3 or 4 times per game. Teacher tells you what would have been the best word on the last turn you took, and is a great way to increase your vocabulary and be prepared for future opportunities.

Included in this application are mutiple modes: Local Play (alone or against varying ranges against the computer), Facebook Connectivity and WiFi Multiplayer. Each has its own certain fun, and the different modes allow beginners and experts to play on their own level.

What’s really great is that the application saves your progress on local and Facebook games so that you can put down and pick up your last game whenever you wish, which proves great due to the mobile nature of the application in the first place.

Above all, this game is extremely well-designed. The graphics are smooth and there is no delay when it comes to play time. Players of all levels of experience will find a fascinating game with engrossing properties that will keep them occupied for as little or as much time as they are willing to invest. This application is highly recommended for those interested in expanding their vocabulary, taking a quick break and challenging their friends to a friendly competition.

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