Samsung Promoting a Smart Cover Knock-off for the Galaxy Tab

Not only is Samsung promoting and marketing a case for its Galaxy Tab tablet that is a knock-off of Apple’s iPad 2 Smart Cover, but Samsung did not make sure that it scored points for the creativity that they desperately need. The designers did not even attempt to try to differentiate the case or at least not make the lack of originality so blatant. From the front flap featuring the same design as the real deal to its ability to be folded into a stand in an origami fashion, and even the color options trying to come close to matching the Smart Cover’s variety, the top half of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab could not be anymore of a carbon copy.

But, and this is a big “but,” this is a case as the Smart Case name implies, not a “cover” so Samsung does know how to create something unique! (Exclamation marks can be synonymous with “hey, that was sarcasm.”) They do get credit for adding back and side protection to the Smart Cover formula, to say the least.

Samsung seems oblivious to its recent history with Apple, which involves an ongoing legal battle between the two companies over Samsung’s copycat devices, speaking in both the literal and figurative sense.

Anymode, an accessory supplier with strong ties self-described with a “strong affiliation with Samsung Electronics for key accessories supplier globally,”¬†created the Smart Case for them. It cannot be said what Samsung’s involvement was beyond certifying and promoting it as the premier Galaxy Tab protection.

For the time being the Smart Case is only available in Korea, a place where U.S. lawsuits can simply be shrugged off, as an official accessory for the Galaxy Tab. Well, Samsung did do one thing right even if no lessons have been learned as a result of its legal trouble. If this does make its way over here, then we will know that they are not afraid of implications and the hollow ground that they’re standing on.

[via 9to5Mac]