Safari+ Bookmarklets For Mobile Safari Let You Search Text, Translate, More

A new tool has been released for your iPhone and iPod Touch that use bookmarklets to add the same kind of functionality you can get with a desktop browser. Safari+ bookmarklets use specialized JavaScript (much like Pastebud, Instapaper and iPastelet) bookmarklets that let you do things like open a link in a new window, translate between languages, speed-scrolling, and more.

Some others include:

  • Find text in a page
  • Find similar sites using
  • Find similar sites using
  • Display all images
  • List all links
  • Scroll to end
  • Translate to English
  • Translate to Finnish
  • Translate to Swedish
  • Translate to Danish
  • Translate to Norwegian
  • Open all links in new Window
  • Open links in same Window
  • Duplicate Page

To use the bookmarklets, go to the list of links on your iPhone or iPod Touch, tap on the link to open it, and follow the instructions on the corresponding page.

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