Rumor: iPhone Nano To Hit U.S. In June After China Launch?

Economic Daily News reports that two chip manufacturers, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and United Microelectronics Corporation, are awaiting orders from Apple for a chip for the iPhone Nano. Accoring to the report, this is to happen in March, with a June release of the device at the earliest.

In related news, Brian Marshall, analyst for American Technology research, the device won’t make it’s first appearance in the United States. He reports taht teh device has not yet begun testing with AT&T, so a US launch would still be a while off. Instead, he believes it would be more likely to start off in China.

“Obviously, the best-case scenario here would be a China launch (~600mil+ wireless subscribers total in the country), but we have no definitive knowledge of this and are working on identifying the local of launch and other pertinent details,” he said.

[via Digitimes, IBTimes]

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