Rumor: Apple to Launch iPad on March 26th, No Supply Delays

Although Apple officially announced that the iPad would go on sale at the end of March, the actual release date may be a few days sooner. According to a blog post from The Examiner, an Apple Store employee commented that Apple is planning on launching the iPad on Friday, March 26th at 6 P.M. in a similar fashion as the original iPhone launch. The author also claimed that Apple employees will be receiving the iPad for training on March 10th, commercials will begin airing on March 15th and those who camp out for the iPad will receive a “special gift.”

The much-anticipated 3G enabled version of the iPad will follow the Wi-Fi iPad launch by about 30 days, according to Apple.

In response to reports that initial volumes of Apple’s iPad in late March will be lower than originally planned and the launch will be only in the U.S. market as a result of this delay. Per DigiTimes, Foxconn’s component suppliers have said their supplies are on schedule and Foxconn should be able to ship 600,000-700,000 iPads in March and one million units in April.

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