Rogers Planning Rate Changes Ahead Of iPhone

We can expect that, being an Apple product, the iPhone will be revolutionary in it’s industry, but it may go as far as having a direct impact on the business model of wireless carriers around the world. It appears that this is the case with Rogers, Canada’s iPhone carrier. Rogers Wireless president Nadir Mohamed announced at the Canadian Telecom Summit that they will be introducing new monthly rate plans to accommodate more intensive data usage for a wider number of devices, which is expected to include the iPhone.

He didn’t offer any details on the plans themselves, but he did note that they would be “easy to understand” and more adaptable in order to better encourage mobile data usage.

“There’s a recognition on the part of Rogers that the world has changed,” he said.

A typical Rogers user pays around $63/month for voice, messaging, and data, but he expects an average iPhone 3G subscriber to make about $90/month on average. That doesn’t mean that iPhone 3G subscribers would be paying $90, but may also factor in other users with higher-tierd plans that have added other features like SMS.

It is expected that the iPhone will likely cause Rogers to start offering blanket data packages that cover all applications and either unlimited data or a large bandwidth limit.

[via National Post]

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