RingtoneStudio 2.0 For Mac Released

PocketMac, the long-time developers of handy Mac apps, has released RingtoneStudio 2.0 for iPhone. The app is intended to be the “Final Cut” of ringtone creators, adding several robust features to get the sound from your computer to your iPhone, allowing you to create an unlimited number of ringtones, and bypassing Apple’s 99 cent charge to convert songs.

“iPhone ringtones are one of the most popular ways to personalize your phone,” said Tim Goggin, VP Of Sales & Marketing. “Ringtones should be super simple to create and they shouldn’t cost 99 cents every time you want to create one. That’s where this software comes in.”

New features include:

  • Visual Sound Editing — now users can visually edit ringtones by looking at the actual waveform of the sounds being played in realtime, with a zoom of up to 16x.
  • Volume Control — users can now boost the volume of any song or clip, with full undo.
  • Add fade-in/fade-out to any ringtone

You can purchase RingtoneStudio 2.0 at PocketMac.net for $29.95.

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