Ridax Taking Preorders For Charger Adapter For iPhone 3G

Ridax has announced that they are now taking preorders for their new iPhone 3G charger adapter. The small 1.5″x1.5″-ish device will have a male 30-pin connector at one end and a female one at the other end, and will allow an iPhone 3G to be charged on a device not intended for the iPhone 3G. It does this by converting the charge in the device to a level that the iPhone 3G operates with.

The small adapter will also have a mini-USB connector on one side to allow a user to charge it while it’s plugged into a device that doesn’t charge the iPhone 3G.

They remind customers of it’s limitations as well:

Note! that it will only convert the charging power to suit the iPhone 3g and extend other signals on the dock connector. If the accessory you plan to use together with this charge converter is not compatible with the iPhone 3g for some other reason, this adapter will not change that incompatibility.

There are two pre-order options available. You can order the device to arrive in parts, with the board being shipped some time around the end of August (which is functional but somewhat fragile in the state it arrives in as all the components are exposed), followed by the plastic protective shell at some point in mid to late September. Their other, normal option is to order the finished product to arrive in September for US$39.90. You can order either of these at home.swipnet.se.

[via iLounge]

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